Why Employee Recognition is Good for Employee Engagement

Most employers seek to create an atmosphere in the workplace that makes employees feel comfortable and motivated to perform. However, it can often be difficult to figure out how to inspire employees to remain engaged in their work and put forth their best efforts. Recognition is consistently a strong motivator in the workplace, whether it involves an “Employee of the Month” award or even a few words of praise from their bosses. But what is it about employee recognition that makes it an effective tool?

  1. Boosts Confidence
    Making an employee feel recognized for their work and achievements generates the idea that they are indeed doing good work. Everyone enjoys the feeling of being praised by another, especially someone who is in a position of authority. Congratulations on a well-written essay boosts your confidence about the next assignment when it rolls around -- the same is true in the workplace. If you create a space where employees do good work and are recognized for it, then their confidence will skyrocket and their performance will remain exceptional or, even better, improve.
  2. Increases Communication
    Communicating with your employees about jobs they did well not only boosts their confidence, but it also opens up further methods of communication with your staff. Essentially, employee recognition helps to ensure that you do not come across like the cold and unapproving boss locked away in a distant office. It makes you more approachable and fosters communication between you your employees. 
  3. Improves Retention Rates
    Along with the creation of a positive environment, consistent and effective employee recognition can improve your retention rate for employees as well. If no recognition occurs, your employees will not feel like their work is appreciated. It is safe to assume that any employee wants to feel appreciated and valuable. If you as an employer fail to create a space such as this, it shouldn’t be unexpected that workers will want to find a more fulfilling job. So give the occasional praise or small reward to let your workers know that they are important. After all, without your employees your business wouldn’t be able to run efficiently.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect
    It may take some getting used to, but learning effective methods of employee recognition will eventually show benefits in the running of your business, whether it is large or small. So ease into the process and get used to the communication it will entail. But, most importantly, let your employees know that they are appreciated.